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PLANNING FOR RISK. SPECIALIZING IN RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR FINANCIAL PLANNERS Atlanta GA Ann Arbor MI Baton Rouge LA Birmingham AL Chattanooga TN Greenville SC Huntsville AL Milwaukee WI Mobile AL Nashville TN First Protective 800.876.3950 For Agent Use Only. Not for Use or Distribution with Consumers. SPECIALIZING IN RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR FINANCIAL PLANNERS LIFE INSURANCE LINKED BENEFITS ANNUITIES The Balanced Approach First Protective is a multi-discipline financial services firm that specializes in helping advisors diversify revenue streams and lock in clients by offering more product lines and financial strategies. We provide a holistic approach to financial planners by combining retirement income planning and innovative strategies for covering long term care expenses with traditional risk management solutions. First Protective helps advisors create vital non- interest revenue by using existing assets to help plan retirement and protect your clients from other advisors. 1. Retail Life InsuranceFamily Planning A natural progression of client relationship where a Financial Planner offers Risk Management products to a traditional investment client to plan for the unexpected through the use of life disability and critical illness insurance. 2. Retail Life Insurance Asset Based Sale Using existing assets for the transfer of wealth and asset preservation through the use of Single Premium Life Insurance products that offer Long Term Care protection and the leverage of life insurance in the most tax efficient way to assist your clients who are concerned about outliving their income and being a burden on their children. 3. Point of Sale Assistance Providing Advisor assisted sales support when offering Risk Management products may be out of your comfort zone. Our approach is to offer important strategies and training to help you provide a wide range of sophisticated solutions to your clients. 4. Shopping Impaired Risk Cases Getting carriers to compete on cases for the elderly sick and wealthy making use of the 75 years of experience of two underwriters and dedicated case manager on our team. 5. Annuities Fixed Immediate Indexed Assisting Financial Planners in determining how an annuity rather than a traditional fixed or CD alternative can be used to increase returns to the client. These products are also used to provide a guaranteed income for the life of the annuitant andor their spouse. We make the process simple with up-to-date product recommendations quotes and sales assistance. 6.Business and Executive Services Assisting Financial Planners with speciality services in the areas of COLI BOLI Section 79 ESOP Consulting Qualified Plan Administration and a full suite of Executive Benefit Case Design and TPA Services. Balance your practice with First Protective services First Protective ServicesA Financial Planners Primary Focus Wealth Accumulation Asset Management Risk Management Solutions Indexed and Fixed Annuites Long Term Care Plans Ann Arbor Atlanta Baton Rouge Birmingham Chattanooga Greenville Huntsville Lexington Milwaukee Mobile Nashville First Protective brings together the different disciplines of financial services in order to help producers who want more diversification and a greater breadth of product lines. Our Regional Sales Directors are available to provide support at the point of sale even when insurance isnt your first language. First Protective is a multi- dimensional financial services firm committed to helping producers build a balanced business. Risk Management Proper financial planning begins with addressing foundational risks through insurance based solutions. This includes working with your clients to plan for the un- expected through the use of life disability and critical illness insurance. Business clients need to address the basics of risk management through key person insurance and appropriate business continuity plans in the event of death or disability. Long Term Care Asset Based Solutions Helping clients prepare for the possibility of long term care is becoming a critical role for financial planners. The good news is that there are now more options than ever from traditional LTC to alternative funding strategies using life insurance and asset based linked benefit products. Retirement Planning Clients approaching retirement are concerned about outliving their income and being a burden on their children due to chronic illness. In addition they dream of the legacy they will leave behind. First Protective provides important strategies for ensuring adequate income during retirement. Many financial planners are primarily in the business of gathering and managing assets. First Protective can help you solidify your client relationships by enabling you to offer multiple servies like risk management and retirement income protection or asset preservation in the event of a chronic health condition. Through diversification and developing multiple revenue streams we provide our clients staying power when business conditions change. And our team of specialists is there to do all the heavy lifting for you. 800.876.3950 ONE SOURCE Endless Possibilities For Agent Use Only. Not for Use or Distribution with Consumers. Ann Arbor Atlanta Baton Rouge Birmingham Chattanooga Greenville Huntsville Lexington Milwaukee Mobile Nashville Why Financial Planners hate to sell insurance... Adding risk management to your clients portfolio helps you keep their business. The fact is that 50 of US households say they need more life insurance and more than one in three say the reason they have not yet bought it is because no one has approached them. First Protective will come alongside you to teach you risk management concepts as well as how to identify client opportunities. Our team of specialists is available to assist you with the level of involvement you need from simple back office support all the way to the point of sale. Many of your clients do not have an insurance agent and the likelihood is high that they do not have adequate coverage at the personal level or coverage related to business needs. Our risk management specialists work from the basis of the financial planning model to identify the areas of your clients planning that are best suited for insurance based products. Regardless of whether you have any prior insurance experience or not our team will come alongside you to provide support sales materials and quick answers to your questions. Risk management solutions leverage your time in order to complete your clients portfolio. Life insurance is not complicated nor do you have to be an expert to provide your client basic risk management needs as part of the overall retirement plan. We understand that financial planning and wealth accumulation is your first language so we communicate risk management concepts within the framework of the financial planning model which is how insurance ought to be sold. ...AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT THAT We understand that you have a natural fear of approaching clients about risk management. Talking about insurance may be out of your comfort zone and you may have a perception that selling insurance is less professional. Some financial planners assume their clients have plenty of life insurance or are working with someone more knowledgeable. Here are the facts Less than half of middle market consumers have individual life insurance coverage and 3 in 10 of those say they are open to buying it in the next year. FINANCIAL POSITION RISK MANAGEMENT WEALTH ACCUMULATION TAX PLANNING RETIREMENT PLANNING ESTATE PLANNING 800.876.3950 ADD OUR SERVICES WITH CONFIDENCE Weve got your back W hile we understand that risk management and insurance arent always a Financial Planners first language they are a critical part of your clients portfolio. Advisors are often uncomfortable discussing insurance topics because they quickly find themselves outside of their comfort zone. First Protective addresses this concern by providing you with a team of specialists at your disposal and a support platform that can partner with them at all stages of the sales and design process. REGIONAL SALES DIRECTORS out in the field to provide complete sales support when you need it the most even at the point of sale. RISK MANAGEMENT EXPERTS represent over 30 product providers and assist you with pricing case design and underwriting. ASSET WEALTH TRANSFER TEAM special- izing in single premium linked benefit products to provide an alternative method of providing for long term care needs. RETIREMENT INCOME SPECIALISTS providing fixed and indexed annuity strategies to provide guaranteed retirement income. ATTORNEY ACCESS to the Friedman Law Firm a nationally recognized firm specializing in insurance planning. UNDERWRITERS ON STAFF Two medical underwriters and a dedicated case manager who will aggressively promote and negotiate your cases on your behalf. ADVANCED PLANNING TEAM Three CLUs two CFPs a CPA and an attorney specializing in estate financial and business planning. WEEKLY COACHING VIDEOS with innovative sales training and leadership development resources. CUSTOMIZED WEBSITE providing term quotes drop ticket order entry and case status tools and training resources. For Agent Use Only. Not for Use or Distribution with Consumers. First Protectives events are excellent opportunities to develop the expertise and relationships you need to take your business to the next level. From study group style topical meetings to our signature rewards and recognition event the Elite Producer trip you will find that we combine style with industry leading substance and deliver value for the investment of your time. Our producers tell us time and time again that the ideas and strategies that they discovered at First Protective events have resulted in new business as well as enhanced revenue and have helped them take their businesses to another level. Advanced Planning Annual Symposium Technical presentations on the leading edge of risk management designed to help you grow your business. Topics include Estate Planning Wealth Transfer and Business Insurance with breakout sessions for specialized niches. Best Practices Summit Learn whats working for some of our most successful producers. This two day meeting focuses on the best practices from your peers in the business with an in-depth look at what they are doing to drive new business. Ann Arbor Atlanta Baton Rouge Birmingham Chattanooga Greenville Huntsville Lexington Milwaukee Mobile Nashville Building Business Relationships Annual Securities Conference Attend our annual high quality compliance event for ProEquities registered reps. Satisfy your compliance requirements while listening to industry leading speakers on the latest trends in the broker-dealer market and enjoying networking opportunities. New Producer Orientation Come to our offices and meet the First Protective team and home office staff. Learn the ins and outs of doing business with First Protective including life insurance annuities disability insurance and long term care. Roadshows Focus Group Meetings We bring the cutting edge to you by having meetings on our most popular topics in key cities throughout the year. Dont miss out on these deep dives into actionable sales strategies in these highly interactive meetings at beautiful venues. 800.876.3950 For Agent Use Only. Not for Use or Distribution with Consumers. 800 876-3950 Life Insurance Disability Insurance Long Term Care Annuities Linked Benefit Products Your One Stop Shop Life Annuities Linked Benefits Disability Long Term Care For Agent Use Only. Not for Use or Distribution with Consumers.